SERMON SERIES: Keep It Simple... a study of Colossians

9/9/2018 - 10/28/2018

The Colossians were being taught that Jesus wasn’t enough. They were being distracted with manmade religion. They were drifting with their culture. They were buying into the false hope that the Roman empire would offer them ultimate comfort and security. Although Paul had never been to Colossae he was concerned out of his love for the people of this church. He set out to write a pastoral letter from prison that would remind them that God had already accepted them by virtue of their connection and identity with Christ alone. What those in the church at Colossae needed to be taught and reminded of then, we need just as much today. In the face of opposition, distractions, and false teaching, we are to stand in Christ and KEEP IT SIMPLE.

In This Series

  1. Gospel Truth
  2. Jesus is Supreme
  3. Growth May Hurt
  4. Built Up In Christ
  5. Qualified
  6. Simply Be Who You Are
  7. Instructions for Christian Households
  8. Be Wise