Overwhelming Worry (Core52:48)

Seth Thomas - 3/22/2020

Day One | Read the Essay from Core 52, Chapter 48

Day Two | Memorize the Core Verse

Philippians 4:6

Day Three | Story Reading

Genesis 42
Genesis 43
Genesis 44
Genesis 45

Day Four | Verse Meditation

Matthew 6:33
Luke 10:41–42
2 Corinthians 10:5

Day Five | Application

Do a media audit this week. Each day, simply record the amount of time you spend with TV, social media posts, and radio. Compare that with time spent listening to Christian music, going to church, and reading your Bible. According to that analysis, which side has the advantage over your mind?

Group Discussion

  • How have you seen worry debilitate people’s performance?
  • What would you say are the things people worry about the most? (List them and then either estimate or actually Google the probability of each).
  • How is worry and indication of a lack of faith?
  • Which of the steps to reduce worry have been most effective for you? Would you add others?