Heaven (Core52:52)

Seth Thomas - 7/9/2020

Day One | Read the Essay from Core 52, Chapter 52

Day Two | Memorize the Core Verse

Day Three | Story Reading

Revelation 21
Revelation 22

Day Four | Verse Meditation

John 14:2

Day Five | Application

Ask someone you have a relationship with to describe to you what heaven will be like. If appropriate, ask whether that person has confidence he or she is going there.

Group Discussion

  • When you think of heaven, what images come to mind? What will it be like?
  • What is one thing you are most looking forward to not having in heaven?
  • What are some things you’ve always wanted to do on earth that you think you might have time for in heaven?
  • If you knew you were going to heaven next week, what would you do differently this week?