Eternal Security (Core52:36)

Chris Gilmore - 10/29/2020

Day One | Read the Essay from Core 52, Chapter 36

Day Two | Memorize the Core Verse

John 10:28

Day Three | Story Reading

1 Samuel 17

Day Four | Verse Meditation

John 6:37
Romans 11:20–21
Hebrews 6:4–6

Day Five | Application

Identify three or four ways God pursued you before you ever pledged loyalty to him. Express your loyalty and gratitude in prayer for his pursuit.

Group Discussion

  • Describe a time when you tried to walk away from something or someone but just couldn’t (love, friend, family, job, team). What percentage of your decision was predetermined by choices outside your own will?
  • Do you have a strong sense of security in your salvation with God? Why or why not?
  • When you listen to sermons, do you hear more that you have free will or that you are eternally secure by God’s power. What advantages has this messaging given your faith?
  • Think for a moment about the opposite side of the argument. What advantages might the other constellation of Scriptures offer you?