Son of Man (Core52:17)

Chris Gilmore - 12/27/2020

Day One | Read the Essay from Core 52, Chapter 17

Day Two | Memorize the Core Verse

Daniel 7:13

Day Three | Story Reading

Daniel 3
Daniel 6

Day Four | Verse Meditation

Isaiah 9:6
Mark 14:62
Hebrews 2:6

Day Five | Application

Ask a friend who’s not a Christ-follower what he or she thinks God would look like if he came and lived on earth.

Group Discussion

  • Did you have any nicknames growing up? Was it a compliment or kind of a put-down?
  • If you could have any earthly title, what would you want to attain?
  • It is a hard and fast principle in Scripture that God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble. How have you seen that rule of life play out today?
  • Have you ever had a hard time believing that Jesus could be fully God and fully human at the same time? How would you explain this courteously and intelligently to a Muslim or Jewish friend? How would you explain this to a child?