Happiness (Core52:9)

Seth Thomas - 1/21/2021

Day One | Read the Essay from Core 52, Chapter 9

Day Two | Memorize the Core Verse

Psalm 1:1-3

Day Three | Story Reading

Job 1
Job 2

Day Four | Verse Meditation

Psalm 37:4
Philippians 3:1
1 Thessalonians 5:16

Day Five | Application

Plan five minutes today to deliberately practice one simple action listed in Psalm 1 to release a shot of happiness.

Group Discussion

  • What do you think that most people think will make them happy?
  • What was your high and low in happiness last week: oxytocin (relationship), dopamine (discovery), serotonin (significance)?
  • If you were to share this information with a friend, what point do you think would make the most impact?
  • What choice could you make in the next three days that would increase your happiness index?