Jesus of Nazareth is God's Son. Jesus is completely human, but at the same time, completely God. He is the only plan for bringing people who are far from God back into the right relationship with God. He lived a perfect life so that He could be a substitute for us in satisfying God's demands for perfection. He defeated death in His resurrection so that we can have life. Jesus is known by the name Jesus, the name Christ (Christ means Anointed One or King), the name Son or Only Son, or the name Messiah (the divine rescuer that the prophets spoke about). Jesus is the Son of God and He is one with God the Father and the Holy Spirit.

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Jesus, in his earthly ministry, did a lot of things, some of which we want to make special note of. First, he reduced all of the Old Testament Law down to 2 commands: Jesus says the goal of all of the Law was to teach us to “Love God with everything we have ... and then love our neighbors as we do ourselves.” Because of how Jesus lived and taught, we acknowledge our call to unconditionally love God and our neighbors.

Jesus also stood against the hyper-religious who thought that adherence to a code earned them favor with God. Jesus chased after the hearts of those who were cast out and looked down upon by the religious. He loved them and always let them know they were forgiven. At Northeast Christian, we stand against that form of religion and legalism. We, like Jesus, seek out those who are hurting and in need of rescue. We work hard to create a safe place for anyone who God leads our way.

Every follower of Jesus of Nazareth is a member of the true Church, the Bride of Jesus.

If you would like to know more about following Jesus with your life or to share your story of how following Jesus has transformed your life, let us know!